I work outside of academia, which means I do not write about irrelevant or hyper-specialized topics. My focus is not narrow; I am creating an entire worldview.

Each article is one piece of the puzzle and should not be evaluated in isolation. A few core articles should be read first – the fundamentals of each area of thought.


This worldview revolves around logic. Without exaggeration, logic is the key to all critical thinking. Nothing escapes logical rules – there are no exceptions. Paradoxes do not exist in reality, and it becomes clear why once you grasp the nature of logic:

Everything Is Grounded in Logic

Logic is not a Convention

Tautologies Must Not Be Dismissed

The Metaphysics of Logic

We live in an aggressively anti-intellectual culture. People are drawn to blurry and imprecise thinking; they are quick to dismiss ideas without examination; and they are overwhelmingly persuaded by appeals to authority. If you value the truth, this is unacceptable. Every idea must be evaluated on its own merit – whether it’s coming from philosophers, scientists, or religious leaders:

The Death of Skepticism

Faith and Reason

Resolving the Liar’s Paradox

The Rubik’s Cube Solves Any Paradox


Every worldview answers this question differently: what types of things exist in the universe? Certainly, mental phenomena exist, and it’s reasonable to assume physical phenomena exist also. But most metaphysical theories mistake the relationship between mental and physical – between concepts and their reference. The mind plays an essential role in our experience; it gives boundaries to physical objects and creates useful abstractions like “governments” or “numbers”:

No, Chairs Do Not Exist

The Case Against Physicalism

Does Free Will Even Make Sense?

There Are No Objective Definitions

The Phantom “State”

The Metaphysics of Mathematics


I started as a traditional conservative, and I wound up an anarchist. Anarchism makes sense metaphysically, economically, and ethically. If you are interested in human affairs, you cannot understand how the world works without an understanding of economics:

From Conservative to Anarchist

The Basics of Libertarianism

Savings: Fuel for an Economic Engine

Is It Honorable to be in the Military?


I think most ethical discussions are framed incorrectly. Ethics is about intention, not actions or consequences. I am drawn to ethical nihilism, with one exception: love. Nothing matters except for love:

Against “Doing the Right Thing”

One Requirement for True Love

My Experience with Christian Evangelicalism


In my own research, I have discovered a consistent truth: the mainstream conclusions in any field of thought are wrong. And to my surprise, a great deal of confusion comes from mathematics. Modern irrationalism – the lazy acceptance of contradictions into one’s worldview – seems to stem from mathematical errors made around the turn of the 20th century:

Quantum Physics and the Abuse of Reason

Logic and Infinity: The Errors of Calculus

Infinite Things Do Not Exist

Cantor Was Wrong | There Are No Infinite Sets

A Seed of Doubt | Experts and Incompetence

How Brazilian Jujitsu Explains the Popularity of Bad Ideas in Academia