Ep. 94 – A Satoshi Nakamoto Story | Phil “Scronty” Wilson

Who is Satoshi Nakamoto? If you’ve been in the Bitcoin world for a while, you know that’s the last question you should try to answer.

However, I’ve recently come across a story that I find quite plausible, written by Phil Wilson (aka Scronty). Phil documents the thinking-process behind the Bitcoin invention, in addition to providing many historical details around the creation of Bitcoin.

(“Bitcoin Origins”: http://vu.hn/bitcoin%20origins.html)

His story also explains the perplexing existence of Craig Wright. It’s the only narrative that implies Craig is both a) Part of the Satoshi team, and b) largely fraudulent, at the same time. It explains how Craig was able to convince notable people like Gavin Andreson of being Satoshi, while also explaining his extremely poor writing and communication skills.

It also fits the facts of Satoshi’s extremely careful Op Sec – though not in the way you might think.

The story isn’t perfect – and Phil admits as much – but taken together, his story is the best I’ve heard and worthy of 7 hours of interviewing.

There is a ton of content to mine from this interview, so please feel free to chop it up and create your own video excerpts from the interview. I will be doing the same over the coming weeks and months.

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