New Book Announcement!

I am extremely excited to announce I’ve start writing my second book! It is called:

Square One: Foundations for a Critical Worldview

The foundations of our worldview are most important. If you start building on faulty groundwork, you’ll end up far from the truth. Fundamental ideas have the greatest influence on our conclusions.

This book will lay out the basics, including:

The case for skepticism and doubt.
Where skepticism ends – the tool of Reason.
The ultimate foundation for thought: Logic (and its many implications).
Resolving the most popular paradoxes – and the relationship between logic and paradoxes.
Laying the basics for a clear metaphysics.
And what follows from the basics – many errors in popular theories, from math and quantum physics, to economics and political theory.

My intention is not to create a massive tome. It will be under 100 pages. Most importantly, it will be clearly written philosophy. You won’t need a PhD to understand; the topics aren’t irrelevant; and the implications will be enormous.

From the ideas presented in this book, all of my other writing and ideas follow.

Unlike my last book, I will not be spending all my time writing it. I will still be posting regularly on this site, including youtube videos (and an even bigger super-project I’m working on). So, Square One won’t exist until 2016.

I’ve never been more excited to write something.

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