My First Book is Now Available!

What’s the Big Deal About Bitcoin?

Is now finished! This book explains Bitcoin in the clearest way possible, with no technical jargon.

Bitcoiners often have a tough time explaining the basics to newcomers. So this book was written specifically for the layman who knows nothing about Bitcoin but keeps hearing the term on the news. It’s broken up into three sections:

Part I: Bitcoin Clearly Explained

Part II: So What’s the Big Deal?

Part III: Common Objections, Real Challenges.

So, it begins by laying out the facts about Bitcoin. Then, the book focuses on Bitcoin’s potential future, responds to the most popular criticisms, and finishes with an honest look at real challenges facing the technology.

You can purchase it from Amazon for Kindlepaperback, or audiobook. Or, naturally, you can purchase using Bitcoin. The book is discounted to $1.99 if purchased with Bitcoin, and it comes in PDF, EPUB, and MOBI formats.