Ep. 92 – 6 Years of Mystery Illness: When Western Medicine Fails

Julia and I have been dealing with a mystery illness for more than six years. It’s progressively gotten worse, but finally, after seeing more than 50 doctors in multiple states and countries, we’re finding answers.

Our story is not unique. There are millions of people suffering with unknown illness who get misdiagnosed or dismissed by their doctors. Too often, when a conventional doctor does not understand your sickness, they conclude one of two things: it’s either in your head, or you’re making up the symptoms outright. This is an arrogant and irrational method of thinking. The medical world could use more philosophy and critical thinking.

If you’re struggling with medical problems, hopefully you’ll find our story helpful. We waited too long to step outside the conventional medical system, due to my own dogmatic thinking surrounding “alternative medicine.” I had strong opinions about things I didn’t understand, and now that my mind has opened, I see lots of high-quality work being done, and alternative treatments are finally helping us. Just like every other area of thought, “the experts” really are clueless.