Ep. 71 – Meditation and the Absence of Self | Oren J. Sofer

In this episode, I’m joined by Oren Sofer to talk about meditation and philosophy. We start by laying out the basics of meditation – what’s going on, internally and externally – and then we get into some of the deeper questions in metaphysics like, “What is the mind?”, “What is the self?”, “Do observations require an observer?”

Guest’s Website

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Topics Discussed:

3:10 What is Meditation?

8:57 Advanced vs Novice Experiences in Meditation

13:30 Training the Mind and Insights to be Gained

19:15 Why Can Meditation Feel Stressful?

29:26 Importance of Relaxation

34:05 Existential Dread and Unfamiliarity of Experience

37:05 What is the Mind? What is the self?

41:01 Is there an Observer?

47:05 In What Way does the Self Exist?

50:19 Why do we have this Sense of Self?

59:23 Is Meditation Supposed to Teach Us There is No Self?

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