Ep. 58 – The Psychology of Postmodernism | Dr. Stephen Hicks

Postmodernist philosophy is famous for being paradoxical. Claims like “the truth is that there is no truth” or “everything is relative” are popular – especially among academics. Many proponents are even OK with logical contradictions in their worldview.

To me, a contradiction is a demonstration of error, and not caring about intellectual consistency is synonymous with being irrational. But according to Dr. Stephen Hicks, that’s because I have a certain psychological response to contradictions. Postmodernists have a different psychological response, and so they aren’t as bother by inconsistency.

Dr. Hicks thinks it’s possible to be intellectually respectable while defending internally-inconsistent views. I don’t think it’s possible. What do you think?

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Explaining Postmodernism: From Rousseau to Foucault

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