About Me:

I am a philosopher and author working outside of academia.StevePattersonHeadshot

I am currently traveling the world, interviewing intellectuals from across the globe about big ideas.

Because I don’t have classes to teach, papers to grade, or academic bureaucracy to deal with, I get to spend a lot of time researching, writing articles, producing videos, books, and podcasts – all with the goal of creating the most accurate worldview.

I am not forced to specialize, which means my work covers a wide range of topics, including logic and epistemology, metaphysics, political theory and economics, mathematics, the philosophy of mind, religion, and social commentary and criticism.

In my own research, I have discovered a remarkably consistent truth: orthodox opinions are almost always wrong. The “mainstream consensus” on any given topic – whether about political theory or quantum physics – frequently makes foundational errors. Thus, my worldview looks radical when compared to the mainstream.

All of my work derives from the same foundational ideas, which you can read about in Square One: The Foundations of Knowledge. I also lay out the basic arguments here.

While working outside of academia gives me a great deal of freedom, it doesn’t come with a salary. My work is supported by voluntary contributions from people who see its value. If you’d like to support, you can contribute here.

Contact Me:

You can reach me through email, Twitter, or Facebook. I also have a Youtube channel.