About Me:

I am a philosopher, an author, and the host of Patterson in Pursuit. I am obsessed with learning and have traveled the world to interview intellectuals about big ideas.StevePattersonHeadshot

I work outside of academia, and because I don’t have classes to teach, papers to grade, or academic bureaucracy to deal with, I get to spend a lot of time researching, writing articles, producing videos, books, and podcasts – all with the goal of creating the most accurate worldview.

I am not forced to specialize, which means my work covers a wide range of topics, including logic and epistemology, metaphysics, political theory and economics, mathematics, the philosophy of mind, religion, and social commentary and criticism.

In my own research, I have discovered a remarkably consistent truth: orthodox opinions are almost always wrong. The “mainstream consensus” on any given topic – whether about political theory, quantum physics, or the use of infinity in mathematics – frequently makes foundational errors. Thus, my worldview looks radical when compared to the mainstream, and it also looks like crankery, since I make outrageous claims like having a resolution to the mind-body problem.

All of my work derives from the same foundational ideas, which you can read about in Square One: The Foundations of Knowledge.

While working outside of academia gives me a great deal of freedom, it doesn’t come with a salary. My work is supported by voluntary contributions from people who see its value. If you’d like to support, you can contribute here.

Contact Me:

You can reach me through email, Twitter, or Facebook. I also have a Youtube channel.